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We are a certified Trane dealer and comfort specialist...

Every Trane product is designed down to every detail and rigorously tested for reliability and durability. While other manufacturers build their products from the same pool of parts available to anyone, Trane makes it a point to be uniquely better, innovative and always looking to the future. To do that, they have to design, build, test, and rebuild some of their own parts; they know they work becauset Trane pushes them well beyond the industry standards, making sure they match the reliability people expect when they own a Trane. From the durable Climatuff© compressor to the exclusive Spine Fin™ coil to the revolutionary Hyperion™ air handler and a number of other patented innovations...when you own a Trane, you're getting more than reliable comfort and you're getting it year after year.

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Are you a contractor?

To request residential or commercial bids for HVAC construction services, email or call 507.269.1061; electronic plans can be uploaded to (FTP site here).